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What our patients say about us

"Clare is wonderful fixed me up in no time. My feet are happy then so am l! Thank you so much Clare your a wee star xxx"

Andrea Hynd


"I can't believe Clare fixed my toe after only 2 visits this woman is amazing after 10 years yes 10 Clare has killed it thank you so much miracle worker" xxxx

Michele Doyle


"Thank you so much Clare for my treatment on Saturday your friendliness and professionalism really put me at ease i am looking forward to wearing my shoes and thanks for all the great tips being a dog walker/Cat Sitter on my feet all day it really helps see you again soon"

Karla Bennie


"I felt like ive bounced all the way home!! Bye bye horrible feet!! Thank you Clare you are amazing! See you in 8 weeks!!"

Caroline Yuill


I made an appointment to have my toenails cut as they were very painful. Clare noticed I had fallen arches which prevented my legs to straighten when walking. I had TKR, total knee replacement in left knee 4 months ago and still found it difficult to walk because of severe pain under my feet. 
Clare gave me the name of a product to help support my arches and suggested I buy shoes with a heel. My recovery from the total knee replacement has been transformed I am literally coming on leaps and bounds. I can now walk without pain in my feet, hips and back. I can't thank Clare enough for her help! Highly recommended


I've been coming to Clare for little over 2 years, she's bubbly, friendly and great at what she does.

I had a 17yr foot condition thanks to some hand me down shoes. It eventually led to my being told I needed both big toenails permenantly removed by a chiropodist in Glasgow, near my old work "that's the only solution". I was distraught! When I sought a second opinion, I ended up here, explained my plight to Clare who suggested Terbinafine (much cheaper under its generic name than costly Lamisil trade name!), within 6 months my condition cleared up and my toes look amazing! Now I look forward to sandal weather!

Clare has given me invaluable tips on foot care, creams, ailments etc. I used to hate my feet but now they look pretty sexy. As sexy as feet can be!








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